Allergy Testing

Allergy Testing

WomanInField.jpgAshford Clinic is pleased to offer in-office Allergy Testing to patients. This service compliments our treatment of the sinuses, chronic sinusitis, asthma, and other common ENT issues. In order to determine the best course of treatment for a patient, sometimes Allergy Testing is necessary. Ashford Clinic provides arm-based environmental allergy testing that is quick, painless, and effective. Based on the results of your allergy test, additional treatment may be required. We offer Allergy Drops to patients as a safe and practical means treat environmental allergies.


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What is allergy testing like?

Skin allergy tests introduce a small amount of different allergens to your skin to guage how your body reacts to each one.  Allergy testing is quick, usually lasting around 20 minutes, and provides reliable results. These tests are not painful, and the affected area is cleaned after the test is complete to remove any allergens from the your skin.

How do allergy drops work?

Allergy drops are a simple, effective way to help your body build a tolerance to the substances it is allergic to. Regular, consistent dosage of the allergy drops is a safe way to alleviate your body's reaction, and over time, you will see your allergies improve.