3 Ways That ENT Issues Affect Overall Health

3 Ways That ENT Issues Affect Overall Health - 3 Ways That ENT Issues Affect Overall Health

Because ENT issues are common in so many adults, it is easy to think that issues like allergies and tinnitus only have the power to affect the ears, nose, and throat. However, these seemingly isolated problem areas are not always as narrow as we think they are. While these illnesses may be easiest to distinguish in localized areas, their symptoms have the potential to negatively impact your whole body and overall health. We’ve come up three of the most common results of ENT problems related to overall health to help you discern if your symptoms are contributing to a bigger problem.

Some amount of tiredness due to stress, work or other activities is a normal occurrence for all adults. However, chronic exhaustion or fatigue could be a symptom of thyroid disease. Patients who are diagnosed with any form of thyroid disease can experience fatigue, which can be disruptive to your everyday routine and be a burden on your overall health. Diet, exercise, and the amount of rest you get can help improve symptoms of fatigue. However, if constant weariness persists, medical treatment may be required.

Migraines can be caused by a number of triggers, including hormone imbalances and sensory stimulation (bright lights, strong smells, etc.). Migraines cause acute pain behind the eyes, or on the side of the head, and last anywhere from hours to days depending on the severity. Two common ENT problems that are associated with migraines are tinnitus and vertigo. Tinnitus is the sensation of hearing persistent ringing or rushing noises with no external source, while vertigo causes extreme dizziness. Both of these can escalate the pain and severity of migraines, making it hard to do activities that are a part of your everyday life. In effect, these disorders can have a debilitating impact on daily life and lead to a decline in overall health.

Nasal allergies are one of the most common ENT issues, but they are also one of the most untreated. For those who constantly suffer from allergies, intolerable discomfort can be caused by the pressure and mucus buildup in the nasal cavity. When the discomfort is extreme, allergies can lead to taking time off of work or school to nurse the symptoms, decreasing your productivity, and negatively impacting your day-to-day life. Constant interruptions to everyday life due to pain or discomfort can degrade overall health over time. Allergies shouldn’t interfere with your life or your health, so pinpointing the allergens that cause constant discomfort and receiving treatment can help prevent negative consequences.

Your overall health is important and shouldn’t suffer from ENT disorders and illnesses. If you are being impacted by any of these problems, or have questions about other ENT problems, make an appointment or give us a call to discuss treatment options.