3 Ways to Beat Fall Allergies

Sinus2.jpgAutumn doesn't officially start until September 22, which is coming up faster than you think. Schools are starting back so eary that it's hard not to go ahead and make the "seasonal switch" in our minds. With that said, it's certainly not too early to start talking about Fall Allergies and how to prevent them. Believe it or not, there are some very ways to help combat or even prevent allergy symptoms when the leaves start turning. Here are just a few:

Deal With The Leaves
The falling leaves create the beautiful seasonal colors of Autumn, but they also accumulate moisture and cause mold to form. Raking or even being near these leaves can trigger a reaction for those susceptible to allergy symptoms in the fall, so consider having someone else deal with your leaves this year if that is a concern for you.

Leave Shoes and Coats at the Door
Shoes, jackets, and other outerwear can carry a lot of pollen, so leaving them at the door can help keep all of that pollen from entering your home. It can also help keep your home cleaner overall.

Get Allergy Tested
The best thing you can do is to get allergy tested so you know exactly what triggers your symptoms. At Ashford Clinic, Allergy Testing is quick and painless, and we use Allergy Drops to build your immunity to these triggers and improve (if not get rid of) your symptoms. Call 706-248-6860 to learn more or to schedule an appointment.