Holiday ENT Survival Guide

AdobeStock_180633675_small.jpgThe weather gets colder, the leaves fall, and holiday decorations begin to appear. This change in season can lead many to believe that allergies and issues of the ears, nose, and throat are limited to the occasional cold, but this isn’t actually the case.

Are those decorations actually clean? Sure, they’re festive and maybe even shiny, but depending on where they were stored or sourced from they could be bringing extra dust and mold into your space. For artificial trees and greenery, letting them air out, rinsing them, or even shaking them out can reduce dust that might have gathered during storage. Fresh greenery can bring in mold spores from outside, pollen, and even terpenes. If you notice your eyes, nose, or throat feeling irritated, you might need to re-think your decorations this year.

Holiday treats are something to look forward to, unless they come with hidden ingredients. Anyone with nut, gluten, dairy, or any other food allergy should ask before taking a bite.

Candles and fireplaces can be the trigger for an asthma attack for some, so go easy on them if you are sensitive. If you’re hosting, try to make sure that rooms are well ventilated for sensitive guests.

Pet dander. It’s easy for pet dander to get out of control in the colder months, so regular vacuuming and cleaning is a must. Regular grooming also goes a long way when it comes to keeping everyone breathing easy.

Hugs and kisses. It’s the time of year when parties and family gatherings are even more common. While this is wonderful, it also makes it easier to share and spread germs and viruses like the colds and flu. Practice good hygiene, wash your hands thoroughly, and avoid touching your face and mouth to stay healthy this time of year.

There are numerous over the counter options for treating allergy, cold, and flu symptoms at home. If all else fails, we’re also here to help. Whether it’s allergy issues, sinus infections, or other respiratory issues we want you to feel your best. So if you are in need of some ENT care, give us a call.