How to Keep Your Ears Healthy this Summer

kyle-smith-528220-unsplash.jpgIt's easy to take your ears for granted, unitl they hurt. While most people associate ear issues with cold and flu season, there are some common ear issues that we treat during the summer months. Here are our tips to keep your ears healthy all summer long!

  1. Wear ear plugs or hearing protection when you're going to be around loud noises. Repeatitive, prolonged exposure to loud noises - like music festivals - can cause permanent hearing damage. Many people go to loud concerts, fireworks displays and other noisey events during warmer months. Make sure you plan ahead to keep your hearing safe. 
  2. Prepare your ears for flying. When you're taking an airplane to your favorite destination, the landing and take off can cause ear pain or prolbems, espeically if you're congested. Pain and pressure during the ascent and descent of a flight are caused my changes in air pressure and how your eustachian tubes respond to those changes. You can help your ears adjust by chewing gum or swallowing during landing and take off. If you are congested, take a decongestant before boarding the plane to help open your eustachian tubes before the flight begins. 
  3. Avoid swimmers ear - an infection of the skin in your ear canal - by wearing ear plugs while swimming or using over the counter drops to clean your ears after going for a swim. Swimmers ear is a common infection caused by bacteria living in the water you swim in. If water looks yucky, it's best to avoid going in altogether. 
  4. Be aware of activities that can rupture your eardrum. These may include things like landing on your ear when jumping into the water or descending too quickly while scubba diving. If you think you've ruptured your eardrum, make an appointment with your ENT.

If you do experience pain, ringing, or hearing loss during the summer months, don't put off seeing a doctor. Infection or injury can get worse quickly, so it's best to get treated as soon as possible. 

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