Is Allergy Testing Right for You?

Fotolia_65092235_XS.jpgFind yourself sneezing, wheezing, headaches, and exhibiting other fun symptoms as a result of seasonal and environmental allergies? Are you tired of trying to time your over-the-counter medications just right so you don't have a disruptive allergy attack during the day? There's a better way to treat your allergies, we can help.

At Ashford Clinic, we offer in-office allergy testing to determine the best treatment options for our patients. This quick, arm-based testing provides accurate results by introducing a small amount of different allergens to your arm to guage how your body reacts to each one. Also called scratch or prick testing, these tests are not painful and provide reliable results. The affected area is thoroughly cleaned after the test is complete to remove any allergens from your skin.

Once we have determined what you are allergic to, we use Allergy Drops to help your body build a tolerance to the appropriate allergens. These drops alleviate your body's reaction to said allergens and improve symptoms over time through regular, consistent doses. If you are ready for lasting relief from your allergies, call Ashford Clinic today at 706-248-6860 to learn more and schedule an appointment.