Is Fall Worse for Sinus Infections?

FallSneeze_Male.jpgIt’s the season of all things pumpkin, the sky is often clear and blue, and the trees are showing off their new colors. While fall is full of things to enjoy, it’s also prime season for sinusitis, otherwise known as a sinus infection.

Why are sinus infections worse this time of year? Unfortunately, it’s due to a combination of factors that are all prevalent in the fall.

  • Ragweed Allergies
  • Mold allergies
  • Increases in Cold and Flu
  • More time indoors = more exposure
  • Dry air

Ragweed is highly prevalent this time of year, and ragweed pollen allergies are common for many people. And while fall tends to be a drier season, piles of leaves and other vegetation are prime spots for mold to thrive. Add in some windy days and you’ve got a perfect storm for allergens to wreak havoc on your sinuses.

Whether you’re spending it at home, at work, or in school, fall is when many people start spending time indoors. This makes it so much easier for cold and flu viruses to spread from person to person.

Dry air can also be a problem when it comes to sinus issues. Indoors, furnaces tend to dry out air considerably and fall is already a typically dry season outdoors. Dry air can be an issue because it dehydrates mucus membranes in the nasal passages, making them prone to inflammation and infection. You might already be aware of this if you’re someone who experiences mild nosebleeds when the air gets dry.

There are ways that you can help your sinuses stay healthy in the fall. If you have allergies to mold and ragweed, ask your doctor about what medications might help. On days that the air feels particularly dry, saline rinses and sprays can help soothe and rehydrate sinus tissue. Good hygiene is also very important, so be sure that you’re washing your hands regularly.

If you do experience a sinus infection, you can reduce the severity by seeing a doctor sooner rather than later. They can diagnose the cause of the infection, and prescribe an appropriate treatment plan. Call us at 706-248-6860 - we want you to get back to feeling yourself again as soon as possible.