We Value Your Time

We hear it over and over again from patients. Things like:

  • You're so fast! 
  • I never have to wait in your waiting room.
  • Unlike most doctors, you actually saw me at my scheduled time!

At Ashford Clinic, we truly strive to run our office on time. Sticking to our schedule allows us to better serve our patients, letting them make it to the next part of their day on time too!

Someone once asked why we run our office on time. And the truth is this: we value your time.

We know you have choices when you select an ENT, and one thing that sets us apart is that we're dedicated to getting you in at your scheduled time, seeing the doctor or PA in a timely manner, getting the information you need to start feeling better fast. 

If you like the fact that we strive to keep our schedule each day, here are some things you can do to help us:

  1. Arrive a few minutes before your scheduled appointment.
  2. Have your photo ID, insurance, and other cards ready when you arrive.
  3. Fill out as much paperwork as possible before you arrive, or come early enough to fill it out before your scheduled appointment. 

We're working hard to be prepared for your next appointment, and to keep our office running smoothly and on time. Thanks for trusting us!