What are Allergy Drops?

Fotolia_145092136_XS.jpgIf you suffer from seasonal or environmental allergies, you have likely tried a number of options for treatment, whether it's over-the-counter meds to painful shots. Most people find something that "works" for their symptoms and stick with it, while others just can't find the right "routine" for them. At Ashford Clinic, we offer painless, in-office allergy testing and effective and convenient allergy drops.

Also known as Sublingual Immunotherapy, allergy drops provide a safe, reliable alternative to allergy shots. Allergy drops are a simple, effective way to help your body build a tolerance to the substances it is allergic to. Regular, consistent dosage of the allergy drops is a safe way to alleviate your body's reaction, and over time, you will see your allergies improve. This treatment is particularly effective at providing long term relief against environmental allergies like insects, indoor allergens, and seasonal allergens.

This treatment is a great way to treat the cause of your allergies, not just the symptoms. to learn more about Allergy Testing and Allergy Drops at Ashford Clinic, call 706-248-6860 or visit us online.