What causes Summer Sinus Infections?

SinusHeadache.jpgMost people love summertime because of the warmer weather, getting outside, and a reprieve from germs and viruses that can run rampant during cooler months. But occasionally we see patients suffering from sinus infections during the summer. They all have one question: why?

While there’s not a single answer for everyone, summer sinus infections are often attributed to things like pollen and other allergens, cold viruses, and inflammation in the sinus cavities.

Here are a few tips to avoid the summer sinus blues:

  1. Use nasal sprays and nasal irrigations to keep sinus passages moist and clear of any irritants.
  2. Take precautions when you’re outside, around campfires, in areas with heavier pollution, and other types of inhaler irritants. Try wearing a medical mask or just doing a nasal rinse after exposure to clear out your passages.
  3. Take precautions when you travel. Wash your hands regularly, if you can, avoid close proximity to sick travelers, etc.

If you find yourself with a sinus infection that isn’t responding to over the counter medications, give Ashford Clinic a call, and let us help you get back to enjoying your summer!