What Does The Pollen Count Really Mean For My Allergies?

Fotolia_145092136_XS.jpgIf you have seasonal allergies, chances are that you pay close attention to the pollen count in your area. While this can be an interesting insight into how much pollen is in the air on a given day, it's really only helpful for individuals who are allergic to certain types of pollen that bloom in your area. If you are allergic to dust, pet dander, or other allergens, the pollen count is likely of little to no use to you. Even if you do suffer from allergic reactions to pollen, it seems a bit unreasonable to have to plan your life around the pollen count as if it were a severe weather forecast.

There is a better way to approach your allergies. At Ashford Clinic, we offer in-office, arm-based allergy testing that is quick, painless, and effective. Based on your results, we offer Allergy Drops to help your body effectively build a tollerance to the substances it is allergic to, so you don't have to sweat the pollen count anymore. Call us at 706-248-6860 to learn more or Request an Appointment.